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Painted Glass Splashbacks
  • Painted Glass Splashbacks

    We specialise in exceptional quality, customised glass splashbacks with the option of full installation or DIY


    EXCITING NEWS - if you're looking for the ease and cost-effectiveness of one of our off-the-shelf products you can now SHOP ONLINE and select from our standard sizes and colours.


    To match the wall colour or make a statement - That is the question??

    Painted glass splashbacks are sleek, stylish & ultra modern, but still practical and hardwearing for any area whether it be kitchen, bathroom and laundry or your office or retail space.

    Back painted glass is perfect for any space that needs be hygienic and clean as it is hardwearing and because is cut to size it minimises the joins which can gather dirt and grime and makes cleaning super easy.  Our splashbacks are all 5mm toughened safety glass and are custom made to suit your area.  We have a large range of colour samples for you to view or if you would like a specific paint or wall colour we can match these aswell.


    Glass splashbacks are perfect for basically any area (wet or not) that you can think of - kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, but even some more diverse spaces like shower cubicles, vanity units, lift wells, reception foyers, showrooms.  Yes we have even installed a digital & painted feature wall in a toilet!

    We have trained installers who can measure & install your splashback to perfection and all within 10 working days.

    600mm x 750mm

    900mm x 750mm

    1500mm x 750mm

    Or we can create a custom size for you.

    PriceFrom $199.00

    Naturals Collection

    Abstract Collection

    Abstract Collection

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